Iranian-born Leads Company with International Staff from Herford Germany

Hamed Rahimi Darehchi distributes software from Herford that assists small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on their path to customer engagement. The IT developer has been programming since his childhood.

Authored by Ralf Bittner February 12, 2024

Hamed Rahimi Darehchi is making a mark in Germany and across Europe with his app for direct marketing, tailored especially for the needs of SMEs. The Herford resident, with Iranian roots, has been in the market since 2021 with Solutions-apps DG GmbH, offering software solutions for direct sales, multi-level marketing, and strategic consulting specifically designed for medium-sized businesses. Darehchi, born in 1983, has been programming since he was eight years old.

Embracing modern work trends, Darehchi forgoes a traditional office for a co-working space at Denkwerk. “The pandemic has shown that this is possible, and we have continued in this manner,” he says.

Darehchi is the sole team member based in Herford; his software developers are located in Brazil, Turkey, or his homeland, Iran. “This requires strict project management and an adjustment to the fact that team members live in different time zones and even have weekends on different days. I haven’t had a day off in a long time,” Darehchi shares. This working model is partly due to the scarcity of skilled software developers in Germany.

Programming is in Darehchi’s blood

Programming was almost innate for Hamed Rahimi Darehchi, born in 1983. His father, a hydrologist, developed his own software for mapping the seabed. “I started programming at the age of eight,” says Darehchi. Following his education and a few years of professional experience, he pursued a master’s degree in Hungary, where he met his wife. The couple moved to Herford in 2015 when his wife found a position at the local clinic. “We originally planned to stay for only six months,” Darehchi recalls, who initially did not speak German. “Coming from big cities like Budapest and Tehran, Herford seemed very small to us.”

Darehchi, now a German citizen, emphasizes that he came to Germany as an immigrant, not as a refugee.

Initial capital was earned through an online shop

The journey to entrepreneurship was challenging. To secure a loan, Darehchi and his wife would have had to mortgage their house and both be liable. Instead of starting a business, Darehchi returned to employment for several years, eventually earning the necessary startup capital through an online shop for phone screen protectors. He understands the demand for products and how to market them effectively.

The core product is a software that integrates solutions for direct sales, multi-level marketing, management, and analysis. The software is now used throughout Germany and Europe and is on the verge of expanding into an additional 45 countries. The company collaborates with the Federal Association of Direct Sales, technology giants like Microsoft and Deutsche Telekom, and is a premium partner of Ionos. Darehchi not only sells the software but also thoroughly examines company processes to provide customized applications. “If a company wishes to retain certain processes, we adapt our software to support and optimize these in the background.”

Our software allows you to knock on several thousand doors

The software not only optimizes internal processes but also offers numerous ways to reach customers, from generating daily updated product descriptions with dynamic search engine optimization using AI to analyzing purchasing behavior. This helps remind customers to reorder in time, providing companies with an overview of who orders what and when, thereby improving production and inventory management.

Automating daily social media posts for a company’s followers is just one of the simpler tasks. Darehchi likens this form of marketing to the traditional door-to-door vacuum cleaner sales, stating, “Our software allows you to simultaneously knock on several thousand doors in social media, already knowing if there’s a need.”

Part of online activity is shifting back to brick-and-mortar stores

Darehchi keenly observes market trends. “During the pandemic, everyone rushed online, and the market boomed. Now, part of that online activity is moving back to physical stores. The challenge is to retain and attract new customers,” he notes. “Many SMEs invested heavily in setting up their online shops, which require extensive maintenance, only to find that customers often end up with larger retailers after a Google search.” His software can assist with shop management and direct marketing in such scenarios.

Darehchi has several long-term clients in Herford and the surrounding area. Continuity is crucial for market success, which, despite digitalization, includes occasional physical presence at trade fairs, like the recent partner days in Bad Salzuflen.

Although the Solutions-apps GmbH booth didn’t attract many visitors, Darehchi returned home with several appointments: “The visit was worthwhile.”

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