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With our innovative software, we empower our customers to effortlessly design and establish a distinctive brand identity, offering tools for logo presentation, color scheme selection, and cohesive visual branding.

Project summary :

Our latest collaboration involved developing a comprehensive MLM software solution for Cleafin, aimed at revolutionizing their network marketing strategies. The project’s goal was to enhance overall efficiency, streamline downline management, and provide robust analytics and customization capabilities.

Key Software Features

  • Downline Management: Our software offers an intuitive and comprehensive system for managing your downline. With features like hierarchical visualization and individual performance tracking, it simplifies the complex task of overseeing a vast network of distributors.

  • Commission Tracking: Accurate and transparent commission calculations are crucial in MLM. Our system automates and tracks commission structures of all types, ensuring timely and correct payouts, fostering trust among your team.

  • Real-Time Analytics: Stay ahead with our real-time analytics dashboard. It provides instant insights into sales trends, distributor performance, and market dynamics, enabling data-driven decision-making.

  • Customizable Compensation Plans: Flexibility is key in MLM. Our software comes with easily customizable compensation plans to suit various business models, ensuring that it adapts to your unique business requirements.

  • Integrations with Business Tools: Seamless integration with popular business tools like DocuSign for digital contracts, Placetel for telephony services, and more, ensuring a cohesive and efficient workflow.


Technological Stack

Our solution was built using [PHP, Laravel Framwork and ReactJs], ensuring robust performance and scalability. We focused on creating a user-friendly interface, making the software accessible to all levels of tech expertise.

Results and Impact

Post-implementation, Cleafin reported a significant improvement in operational efficiency and distributor satisfaction. The easy-to-use interface and accurate tracking systems have enhanced their overall productivity and sales performance.


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