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Additional Value

Our loyalty program transforms every transaction into an opportunity for enhanced value. Instead of cashback, customers accumulate points within our app, redeemable for a wide array of goods or cross-selling items in participating stores or online. This system elevates the shopping experience by offering more than just savings—customers gain tangible value and the joy of choosing rewards that matter most to them. For instance, rather than receiving a 5 Euro cashback, customers can use their points to select a special gift, enjoying up to 30% more value. This strategy not only enhances customer satisfaction but also presents significant savings for businesses, with potential savings of around 25% on trade value. It’s a win-win where every purchase feels like a victory

CRM Software

Gamification mit Augmented Reality (AR)

Elevate your direct selling strategy by tapping into the boundless potential of the younger demographic with our innovative gamification features. Our software harnesses the power of Augmented Reality (AR) to create captivating experiences that transcend the ordinary, fostering continuous app engagement and turning every interaction into a thrilling adventure.

Imagine the excitement as customers interact with AR avatars, like playful Minion-inspired characters, right in their surroundings or at partner retail locations. They’re not just visiting – they’re on a quest to earn additional points or CREDITS, redeemable for exclusive rewards or discounts, driving foot traffic to stores and deepening brand loyalty.

Our solution is designed to maximize the customer experience at various touchpoints, transforming routine transactions into moments of delight. With our technology, direct selling companies can offer a gamified layer of interaction that encourages repeat usage and enhances customer retention.

Leverage our MLM and network marketing software to bring a competitive edge to your business, ensuring that every customer interaction is an opportunity for engagement and every engagement is a step towards conversion.

Discover Daily Delights

Elevate your customer’s day, every day, with our exclusive Location App. We’ve ingeniously designed our app to sprinkle a little magic into the mundane by positioning a special gift at your customer’s location, sparking daily excitement and anticipation. It’s more than just a reward; it’s a daily adventure tailored to their lifestyle.

Imagine the joy your customers feel when they find a new gift waiting to be discovered each day – a personalized touch that shows them how much you value their patronage. Each gift collected brings them one step closer to redeeming something extraordinary, fueling their eagerness to engage with your brand consistently.

This innovative approach doesn’t just reward; it creates a habit, a daily check-in where excitement meets convenience. By offering these location-based surprises, you’re not only incentivizing frequent app usage but also deepening the connection with your customers. After accumulating a set number of gifts, customers can redeem them for a special item, turning routine engagement into a rewarding experience.

Join us in redefining the art of customer motivation. It’s not just about attracting visits; it’s about creating memorable daily experiences that customers love, leading to increased loyalty and sustained business growth.


Our Location App surprises users with a daily gift at their current location, encouraging them to open the app every day. After collecting a certain number of gifts, users can redeem them for special items, fostering daily engagement and enhancing the user experience.

Yes, the gifts are fully customizable. You can tailor them to align with your marketing campaigns, seasonal offers, or customer preferences, ensuring they are always relevant and enticing.

AR transforms the shopping experience by bringing products to life through interactive, 3D visualizations. This allows customers to explore products in detail before making a purchase, increasing engagement and sales.

Rewards can range from discounts and vouchers to exclusive merchandise and special experiences. They are designed to match customer interests and maximize retention.

Customers can easily track their points and rewards through a user-friendly dashboard within the app, which provides a transparent overview of their progress and available rewards.

Typically, there is one gift available per customer per day to ensure a fair and exciting experience for all users. However, this can be adjusted based on specific marketing strategies.

Gamification is integrated through fun and interactive elements like point collection, challenges, and virtual treasure hunts, making every interaction with the app a playful and rewarding experience.

Our apps are equipped with robust security features to prevent fraud, including verification checks, secure account logins, and encrypted data transactions to ensure a fair rewards system.

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